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Stop Getting Rejected: Revolutionize Your Sales with ChatGPT

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    Based on your response to last week’s newsletter, I’m coming at you with another fast and powerful way to leverage ChatGPT and increase your revenue.

    Instead of just asking ChatGPT to create your content, you should also ask it to critique your content.

    Estimated reading time: 2.5 minutes

    In the example below I shared a pitch deck for my agency as a PDF document.

    Then, I asked ChatGPT the following:

    “I do sales for my company and will share this document with potential clients. Can you share 5 reasons why they would choose not to work with my company after reading this, and how I can remove those objections by improving the content in the document?”

    I’m so glad I went through this exercise, because I know it will help me close more deals.

    Check out the reasons prospects might say no to working with my agency and how I can overcome those objections.

    Here’s ChatGPT’s response:

    Certainly, I can identify potential reasons why a client might choose not to work with your company based on the content of the document and suggest improvements. Here are five possible reasons and strategies to address them:

    Lack of Personalized Approach: Clients might perceive the services as too generic or not tailored to their specific needs.

    • Improvement: Include a section highlighting how your company customizes strategies for each creator. Use more case studies or testimonials that showcase diverse scenarios and solutions.

    Unclear Unique Selling Proposition (USP): The document might not clearly differentiate your services from competitors.

    • Improvement: Emphasize what makes HEYCREATOR unique. Is it your methodology, technology, team expertise, network, or results? Make this clear in the introduction and throughout the document.

    Insufficient Evidence of Success: While there are success stories, potential clients might want more substantial proof of effectiveness.

    • Improvement: Add more detailed case studies with specific metrics and outcomes. Include before-and-after scenarios that demonstrate tangible improvements.

    Overwhelming Options: The wide range of services might overwhelm or confuse potential clients.

    • Improvement: Simplify the presentation of your services. Consider categorizing them under broader umbrellas, making it easier for clients to understand what you offer. Include a flowchart or a decision tree to guide them through selecting services that fit their needs.

    Concerns about Cost and Investment: Potential clients might be hesitant due to perceived high costs or unclear ROI.

    • Improvement: Address cost concerns upfront. If appropriate, include a range of pricing options or mention flexible pricing models. Highlight the ROI of your services, perhaps through more detailed success stories or industry benchmarks.

    You can view the entire process in this video, and check out the final pitch deck here.

    Now it’s your turn. Leverage the same or similar approach to get feedback on your content, including:

    • Sales emails
    • Partnership outreach
    • Client communication
    • Promotional social media posts

    So give this a try and let us know what insights you discover below.

    And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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