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Getting Ignored by Prospects? Here’s Why You Should Make it Awkward

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    After sending last week’s email I felt nervous and relieved at the same time. Thanks to everyone who responded, it was a strong signal that I did the right thing.

    But now let’s talk about another circumstance when you may not know the right thing to do: Getting ghosted by a prospect.

    I’ll share my own experience and advice.

    Estimated reading time: 2.5 minutes

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    I was recently contacted by a previous client to lead a speaking engagement.

    I’d say the call went well enough. They tried to offer me $3k below my rate, I maintained my standards, and they said they’d get back to me.

    A week went by with no response so I sent a reminder.

    No response.

    Another week went by, I sent another reminder.

    No response.

    At this point I was annoyed so I didn’t mince words. I’ll share exactly what I said and their response.

    “Hey Daryle,

    Should I expect a response to my previous emails?

    I won’t be able to thoughtfully create content or arrange childcare with my wife if we don’t come to a decision this week.”

    Their response? You can see for yourself below. It came less than 10 minutes after my most recent email.

    In case you can’t see it, I’ll share it below too.

    “Yes we meet tomorrow update you after…stay tuned”

    Now, I’m not sure if they were already planning on meeting the next day. I’ll leave that up to you to debate.

    All I know is that sending that firm email allowed me to reinforce my standards and, admittedly, get something off my chest.

    Your turn:

    What’s something that’s been bugging you that you need to address?

    • A client who’s slow to respond
    • A coworker who consistently underperforms
    • Friends that constantly text you about stuff that wastes time and drains your energy

    Either way, you could be one tough conversation away from making a huge breakthrough.

    But remember, you can’t go over, under or around this: The only way is through.

    Chat soon,


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