Episode 4: Why You Need a Personal Brand (and How to Build One)

A personal brand is what helps you stand out from the crowd. If we’re being honest, there are probably a lot of people with your expertise – your biggest differentiation factor is you. Today’s guest, Victoria Tollossa, walks us through the basics of personal branding, and how you can get started, even if sharing personal stories still feels uncomfortable to you. 


2:45 – Introduction

3:44 – Starting her business, getting her first client

6:00 – Planning/saving for launch

9:00 – Struggles in entrepreneurship

12:20 – How Victoria learned to test her offerings

14:37 – What she learned from her first couple of clients

16:24 – Client win

19:05 – How to start posting on LinkedIn

20:40 – One lesson Victoria wishes she’d learned sooner


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